Sunday, April 18, 2010

A pee treaty

I went to Printemps (a large, high-end department store) the other day to enjoy an amazing sandwich in the café. I was browsing over-priced ice trays when the diet Coke I had with lunch had made it's way through my system. My bladder was urgently informing me to dispel this diet Coke immediately. I found my way to the restroom only to find it would cost me a euro to enter. 1 euro to pee? Are the €24 table coasters not flying off the shelves fast enough to warrant patrons a bathroom pass? I realize they don't want people wandering in from the street to relieve themselves at a toilet that doesn't smell as if it hasn't been cleaned since 1973 but can't I show a receipt or something? I started devising ways to cut costs with my friends: What if we shared a stall? Do you have 50 cents? I decided to wait. I had a euro but refused to pay strictly on principle. This is ridiculous. What if I just pissed myself in the middle of the cookware department? How would that affect sales? I'd save a euro and I'd clear out your entire house ware floor. How 'bout that, you greedy bastards!

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