Thursday, April 22, 2010

One version of Hell

Chloe went from calling me her love to screaming hysterically when I touch her. Today was a disaster. When their grandma is in the room, I think, "I can handle this. I'm doing quite well." And the moment she leaves, those little turds turn on me. I came very close to a breakdown today, but didn't have the time to cry one out. Maybe tomorrow. Ultimately, I'm pissed that the parents didn't make it clear that their kids are ASSHOLES. Why would you throw me into a situation like this without forewarning me? Now I know why, when they offered me a seemingly decent salary to work for 11 days, the mom asked multiple times, "It's okay? That amount is sufficient? That's fine?" I'm like yeah, bitch, it's fine. Except that it's not fucking fine. I should be getting paid double to put up with this bullshit and Mamie deserves a new house across the bay in Saint Tropez.

I can't even anticipate what will happen moment to moment with Baptiste. One moment, he's in the jacuzzi. The next: dropping trou and pissing in the yard. He did this with such ease, I'm led to believe it's happened before.

Being with kids this age reinforces my desire to adopt older kids. This is bullshit.

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