Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Barcelona vs. Me

I played soccer with my kids today. This is always a humbling experience. It brings back memories of primary school; standing in a long line of kids to be chosen for dodgeball teams. I wasn't chosen last, but chosen so far from first that it's clear that I am not a favorite. I'm only considered better than the smelly boy or the red-head with thick glasses. Anyway, the boys begin to blatantly discuss who's team I will be on:
"Do you want her?"
"Ugh, I dunno. You don't?"
Eventually, it is decided I will play with Clément against Thibault. Throughout the game, it becomes clear that I am playing by my own set of rules. I can't NOT use my hands when a ball comes flying at me. It's a natural instinct to put my hands up so I don't get clobbered in the face. However, this same scenario happened minutes after to Thibault and he just turned around and got beaned in the back. I thought this was hilarious. What an inventive way to field a ball being launched at your body.
Despite all my fouls (hands, pushing, pulling hair, etc.), I was able to make 2 goals. In which case, I ran around the field with the utmost dignity and yelled at both boys, "In yo face, suckas!"

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