Friday, April 16, 2010

Idiot for hire

My return to the States at the end of summer is forcing me into the job market again. Because I've been nannying for so long, this seems like the easy route, however when I look up nannying jobs, many people are asking for college degrees. You think people with a degree are looking to wipe your kids nose? Gimme a break! I understand that parents don't want a backwoodsy moron raising their kid, but Alabama has colleges too. I've only recently learned that a college degree does not equate to any level of intelligence and I don't like being disqualified for any entry-level position simply because I haven't committed myself to the sad state of affairs known as America's education system. Even looking at administrative positions where the job is described as light filing, answering phones, and ordering office supplies are requesting degrees. For fucks sake people, let's stop profiling! College doesn't teach people common sense like filing alphabetically. We learn that in grade school; any idiot can do it. And I'm for hire.

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