Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Magician

My day was a bit like this: Wake up at 7am. Not usually a problem, however I am so tired it feels as if I've just closed my eyes. Next, trek across the sidewalk to the main house to anticipate the twins waking around 7:30 am. I did a quick check at the pool; things are beginning on the right foot as there are no floating babies. Twins get up around 8am and have breakfast. I help them to dress themselves and then we draw outside. My kids get up about 9:30am. I make another breakfast for them (this is 3 so far, including mine). We play, play, play. Granny leaves for physical therapy and I am left to serve lunch to everyone. This probably doesn't sound trying, but those twins are incapable of sitting in their chairs. Baptiste would finish a chicken nugget and then get up and wander around the yard. I feel like that kids mission is to deliberately disobey me; 'I clearly understood Awna saying I must stay in my seat during lunch, but I think I'll stroll to the swing set and pretend I can't hear her bellowing from the kitchen, just to piss her off... Success!" The rest of the day: more meals, more playing, less relaxing, new white hairs. I'm supposed to be speaking English with the twins, but because they don't really understand, I like to speak French. I'm finally getting the practice I need and I already feel more comfortable in it. Despite this, Baptiste has managed to sponge up one phrase, "Dear god." For example, when Simba is charging through the canyon while being chased by herds of antelope, Baptiste will say "Dear god" so at least it's appropriately used. Chloe has asked me numerous times WHY I speak English? And when I tell her why, she tells me why: Because I'm a magician. I'm not sure if she's met a lot of magicians who speak English or if she thinks it takes magical powers to communicate in English, but I was definitely not expecting that explanation. Also, she is constantly referring to me as 'mon amour,' which means 'my love.' For example, "Awna, take my hand, my love. Let's go to the kitchen." Funny, I've always wanted a dude to say that to me.

I barely have enough energy to jot this down but having no energy at the end of the day for this job actually seems worth it. As opposed to putting in 9-10 hours at the insurance company in LA, commuting another hour home and then shoveling in Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which was supposed to suffice for my dinner. So things could definitely be worse.

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  1. I'm just now getting to go through and read your posts...because I can't actually do work at work, right? So happy you've taken on the daily posting challenge! And, glad no babies are floating. ;)