Saturday, July 10, 2010

Isn't laughter the best medicine?

Last year when Thibault or Clément got sick and feverish, I was able to avoid administering suppositories. I simply explained to their mom that I have no idea what to do with that bullet-shaped pen cap. This year, I wasn't so lucky. Both kids had fevers at the beginning of the school year. It seems that instead of manufacturing chewable children's aspirin, the French find it more effective to just shove a hardened cream up their ass. I can wrap my mind around this concept for babies, however when I approach a child with a suppository and they immediately drop trou and assume the position, I believe this is an indicator of being old enough to receive your medicine orally. I feel like I've become far too acquainted with my boys assholes. The mind-bending dichotomy comes in that their dad has begun to encourage their modesty and asks them to avoid letting me see them naked. Evidently, full frontal nudity is too imposing but shoving things through the back door is acceptable.

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