Friday, November 26, 2010

Moronic encounters

In my training class, there is a dude that drives me bonkers. He is the posterchild for stupidity. Here's a few of my gripes: he pronounces height as heighth, falls asleep during training, makes assanine quips and my favorite of all (and this is the one that began my silent fuming): he's expecting 2 kids. They're not twins.

Also, in my training class is this idiots female equivalent. She has boldly and unashamedly confessed to burning down her own house and has taken advantage of Rainforests* requirement that you have at least a high school diploma OR equivalent to be hired. She scoots in under the 'or equivalent.'

My trainer may be intelligent, but that is greatly overshadowed by just how annoying he is. He has a soundboard with, seemingly, ONE sound. And he takes advantage of that sound, even when not applicable. For example, in the middle of an online activity, the class would hear "That was easy" 12 times, without absolutely any prompting. One day I tallied, 19 'That was easy's' in 18 minutes. Plus, he likes to engage in conversations with the training assistance about breastmilk. Hello, HR? Yes, I'll be needing your assistance in Training Room A.

Which brings me to my next point; I, in general, am an HR nightmare. I have a very hard time using the filter at work. It's not that I can't distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate, but I won't adhere to a sexual harrassment policy at the expense of great comedy. So if an off color comment about your jugs is due, I'll be the first pipe up. Having said this, I cannot keep track of all the bullshit I hear and cringe at. Is describing something as 'gay' that clearly isn't gay but rather a waste of time, not offensive? What about the chick wearing clothing that is clearly designed for juniors; where skin is falling out of places that should be secured? Either I've become more conservative, or I've yet to encounter this brand of offensive.

I'm finding it difficult to adjust to 9-5 call center life again. For 2 years, I was able to choose who I surrounded myself with and didn't have to 'get along' with someone for the sake of my job. I'm not sure if a steady paycheck is worth all the mental energy I spend berating the morons around me. We'll see...

*name changed to save my ass from getting fired in the off-chance this blog is ever discovered by the appropriate authority

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