Friday, March 2, 2012

Step 4

Our society is somewhat designed to save us from ourselves. This is why drugs are illegal and it's against the law to jay walk. Our society panders to the lowest common denominator and we're all stupider because of it. In the true spirit of Darwinism, and continuing with my utopian society ideal, I propose that we no longer offer medical attention to those who are the victims of their own bad decisions. This includes smokers who have developed lung cancer, fat people who have Type 2 Diabetes and all the Jackass dudes who put Matchbox cars up their ass and then need a doctor to pull it out. Even if you have health insurance, this is costly to our economy. Having to regulate your idiotic behavior is not only a strain on our economy but it weighs on our collective conscious. What's the statistic about how much America spends on the obesity problem? Millions? Billions? This is ridiculous. What morally 'should be' should no longer be forced on the citizens of America. We've been given autonomy (at least ideally), now let us sink or swim.

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