Saturday, February 18, 2012

Step 2

Employing the death penalty

Only recently have I been on board with the death penalty. I used to believe that the death penalty was wrong--what if those convicted are actually innocent? What if during the course of their sentence they find Jesus and are reformed?

I'm suggesting that those who have been sentenced to the death penalty actually receive it. Immediately. No decades-long appeals. The Manson murderers sat on death row for years, married, and then procreated. Now we have their spawn to contend with. At the very least, when you're on death row, you do not get the privileges of an ordinary citizen. You do not get to foster new relationships, you do not get to get married, and you certainly do not receive conjugal visits. You are relegated to prison sex for the rest of your term.

If you've been sentenced to the death penalty, then society has agreed that you do not deserve to live. So you should die. Like, the next day. It is far too costly to keep these assholes alive. An entire wing of a prison was built and devoted to JUST the Manson murderers, does that seem logical?

There is a special place in hell reserved for pedophiles and I think we should send them there as soon as possible. These perverts cannot be cured. The L.A. teacher that spoon-fed his semen to children is not going to, after years of therapy, see the err of his ways and no longer lust after kids. Sexual abuse perpetuates sexual abuse, so it's in our best interest to off these fuckers as quickly as possible. It's too costly, as a society, to "keep an eye" on them; for the government to make sure they are registered and the police to make sure they actually live where they are registered. Not to mention the energy parents devote to worrying about keeping their children safe in areas where these assholes are permitted to live. We just don't need the hassle. Unless we are studying them for scientific purposes, let's just get rid of them; put them out of their misery and ours.

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