Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sad reality

I am perpetually confused and appalled by the people in this state. I just spent 25 minutes of my lunch listening to the girl at the next table explain how she's not sure she wants to get pregnant to get back with her ex. This seems to be a fairly common tactic for women here. Although, they haven't seemed to have caught on that it doesn't really work. Which is why so many young people have so many kids. There should be additional taxes instead of tax breaks for children. We should not be encouraging this behavior.

I've encountered numerous chicks here, all fairly young (early 20's) who have multiple children with multiple men and have had multiple marriages. What the fuck is going on in this goddamn state? And because overpopulating is the state sport, I'm forced to hear the ramblings of every person I meet gush about their kids. I don't care about your goddamn kids! Your kids aren't special; they're like everybody else's kids. Please get a real hobby so we can have a real conversation.

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