Thursday, December 9, 2010

If you don't have anything interesting to say, don't say anthing at all.

There is a creepo at work who will begin conversations with me that may or may not relate to anything being said or done at the moment. I have been quizzed on a range of topics including: what type of tea do I drink, how many candles do I have in my apartment, what kind of car do I drive and why don't I go into advertising. Short of not responding, I am quite sure that I'm exuding a rather potent air of disinterest, leading me to believe this dude really just can't sit and shut it or loves being silently but overtly demeaned. I'm trying to adhere to workplace etiquette whereas I show everyone respect. How about showing me a little respect and quit interrupting my lunch with your inane chatter!?

I work in an environment that must spawn people like this. There's a pregnant chick who likes to join me for lunch and breaks and talk about absolutely nothing. She's one of these who will ask you a question just so she can answer it. And she'll make uninteresting comments like, "I love seeing pregnant women." Hmmm. That's a very not interesting statement. I am absolutely sick of this bullshit silence-filler. This is a call to arms. We cannot encourage this behavior. If someone begins talking about something boring (this includes the weather), you must IGNORE them. This is how we handle children who are throwing fits to get our attention and this is how we must handle adults who are making fatuous comments to keep our attention. Grown-ups must learn to have a conversation! Kids would never sit and engage one another if the convo fell flat, they would find a more interesting companion. I suggest we all do the same.

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